Arena is the underdog of tournament movies, and when I say underdog I mean that it’s a straight-to-DVD release with one major star Samuel L. Jackson (straight-out-of-Compton). This directorial debut of Jonah Loop is one of those movies that you watch once and then forget them almost immediately, so for a warm up movie it is perfect. A lot of mindless action, a plot seen a thousand times, hot males and females are the things that are present here, and are the main reason that someone would pick up this movie from a video store (again with the video store analogy, duh). I almost forgot nudity that is also quite present along with copious amounts of gore and blood (still in mainstream terms). This movie was obviously made to make more money for the studios, since there are too many similar ones and Arena offers nothing new, and in that regard it has done well.

Deathgames is a popular web show in which two man try to kill each other gladiator style in front of millions of viewers. Always on a lookout for new and entertaining contestants the organizers of this tournament find David Lord, a grief stricken man with nothing to lose. After a car accident, in which his wife had died, he has nothing to live for and Deathgames recruit him to participate in the contest. Now he’s Logan’s prisoner, who’s a mastermind behind this beautiful show. But little did both of them know that things will not turn out as they were expecting…

Director: Jonah Loop

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Kellan Lutz, Johnny Messner, Katia Winter, Daniel Dae Kim, James Remar, Nina Dobrev

Fun Facts: After Samuel L. Jackson was cast, the title of the film was changed from ‘Fury’ to ‘Deathgames’ to avoid confusion with Jackson’s role as Nick Fury in the series of Marvel superhero films.


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