Columbiana is another example of Girl Power movies that seems to be popular these days. It is no surprise that the writer is Luc Besson, since he apparently just loves this genre. I have nothing against these movies, in fact, I love seeing some hot chick beating up fat or muscular guys and therefore suspending my belief that this is actually possible. This is why you have to have that silly or at least comic vibe in a movie, because there is no way in hell that skinny and mucleless Zoe would beat up tough guys. Granted I have seen a couple of women that would beat me up for sure, but they don’t look like Zoe Saldana. Womans weapon has always been their mind (and something I won’t name) and I think it would be better that if you are already making a movie about some dangerous chick that she somehow outsmarts her opponents rather than beating them in a pulp. Now I remembered similar scene in The Losers where Zoe fights Jeffrey Dean Morgan (dear lord). Produced by EuropaCorp it has their recognizable visual identity and everything looks tight and spectacular, especially the actions scenes. As far as the story goes, for an action movie it is pretty ok.

Cataleya Restrepo was a young girl when her parents were murdered in their apartment by a ruthless drug baron Don Luis in Bogota. She somehow manages to escape to USA to her uncle Emilio (Cliff Curtis AKA Smiley from Training Day) who teaches her in the ways of the hitman, or this case hitwoman. Cataleya never forgot Don Luis did to her and her parents, and now older and wiser, she seeks revenge. Skilled at close combat, deception and all the other things that you can think of and can be useful for a hitwoman she starts exacting her revenge. This is not going to be easy since now the FBI and Don Lous are on her trail…

Director: Olivier Megaton

Cast: Zoe Saldana, Jordi Mollà, Lennie James, Michael Vartan, Cliff Curtis, Graham McTavish

Fun Facts: The music that is heard during the opening scene at Don Luis’ home is “Ave Maria” (“Hail Mary”) by Franz Schubert. The same music is played at the main menu of the popular video game Hitman: Blood Money, in which the player takes up the role of an international hit man.


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