And at number one (nineties disaster movies list) we have another volcano flick, although it was a close call, since Twister was really ok too. Starring charismatic Pierce Brosnan with his moisturizing British accent (well at least for women) this disaster movie was a bit more realistic than the Volcano. Still, you should know that this is by-the-book nineties disaster movie, which means that it will take you a few minutes to figure out what’s going to happen and who’s going to die/live. This also means that the characters will be developed, rules will be followed and scientific stuff is going to relatively accurate (within the constraints of the genre). Just one more thing about the plot and the “scientist warn” gimmick. What kind of a fucked up, dumb-ass and devolved people are we? Currently there are thousands of issues from world famine, overpopulation to climate change that are being shunned by the mainstream. I guess they really wanna be in something that has the world Dante in it….

After a scientist arrives in a small place under a big fucking inactive volcano (smart thing to do, build a city under the volcano) a series of threatening tremors has been detected. A female mayor with a crush on our Pierce, is concerned. After ruling out the possibility of Graboids, Pierce concludes that the old furnace is going to be activated. Of course no one listens and then all hell breaks loose, literally. Again we have the lame love story and the whole kiddie thing but still it is not as bad as in The Volcano, with the similar great quality of the special effects. Enjoy.

Director: Roger Donaldson

Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton, Charles Hallahan, Jamie Renée Smith, Jeremy Foley, Grant Heslov

Fun Stuff: All crater scenes were shot at Mt St Helens.


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