Another Nicholas Cage movie… We are now used to seeing him in crappy movies, but I must say that I quite liked this one. It was a classical return to the seventies revenge flicks with that grindhouse vibe going on, much like Tarantino/Rodriguez cooperation Grindhouse. The violence is over-the-top, suited to 3D needs, so you will see shit flying all over the place, nudity decent (you can always go for more nudity), and the humor consists of cheeky one-liners… So they were aiming for that guilty pleasure type of flick and made it, I especially liked the scene in the hotel room (you`ll see). Gimmick that made this movie work although on paper it sounds pretty lame, is the fact that they didn’t take themselves too seriously and added a humorous vibe to the story and the vibe of the movie. Nicholas is not getting too old for these roles, he is too old, and he barely pulled this one of.

Plot is pretty much straightforward, a father with revenge in mind, escapes from hell (by driving really fast and angry, so people when we get there you know what to do) in an effort to stop a crazed cult leader from bringing hell on Earth (and making Nic pretty pissed off since he just escaped it). In this journey he will accidentally hook up with a hot waitress (who else is going to save the world but hot waitresses), and that is pretty much that. Another lovable character is The Accountant phenomenally played by William Fichtner, he almost stole the show from Cage. I felt that Texas, redneck vibe throughout the movie, but I guess it just made it better. Now I have to check out Tucker and Dale and see what are they up to…

Director: Patrick Lussier

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, Billy Burke, David Morse, Todd Farmer, Christa Campbell

Fun Facts: The name of Nicolas Cage’s character is John Milton. This is likely a reference to Paradise Lost, an epic about Satan’s expulsion from Heaven and the creation of Hell, which was written by John Milton.


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