There a couple of movies that managed to capture that smell of the asphalt and the gang war in L.A. and End of Watch is another addition to that list. If you liked The Shield, Training Day and all the other movies with that nineties gangsta vibe this movie will be perfect for you. This is one of the rare times that I must say that the “documentary” style camera was a plus. A big fucking plus, since it created an atmosphere so tense that towards the end of the movie I was literally at the edge of my seat (and by seat I mean my bed) waiting to see how things will go for officers Brian Taylor and Mike Zavala. The movie concentrates on the daily duties of cops and tries to be as realistic as possible.

End Of Watch PosterSouth Central, Los Angeles, is there a more iconic place for two cops to be? The local gangs are still active, playing the game against the odds, but there is a new player that is about to enter the game. Street cops Brian Taylor and Mike Zavala, partners and best friends are eager and willing to try to restore order in this chaos, and happy to be cops in this very real game of cops and robbers, and murders, and drug dealers. Brian decides to film everything that happens to them, all the internal squabbles in the force, personal relationships and their skirmishes with the gangs. Very determined to maintain order, two of them accidentally stop a truck filled with drugs and weapons, not knowing who it belongs to… There is only one word that can drive fear in a man so fast: Cartel….

Director  David Ayer, a man who can apparently make movies that are about police and gangs (The Fast and the Furious, Training DayDark BlueS.W.A.T., Harsh Times) in L.A. perfected his craft and now he can experiment a little. This time he decided to concentrate more on the drama that is cut by high-tension scenes and shootouts, whether he made the right choice depends on your taste, but I found it very refreshing…

Director: David Ayer

Writer:  David Ayer

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Peña, Natalie Martinez, Anna Kendrick, David Harbour, Frank Grillo

Fun Facts: The lead characters in the movie were loosely based on real life LAPD Officers Charles Wunder and Jamie McBride. They were partners in Newton Division in the mid to late 90’s.


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