It is the year of our lord Kurt Russel 1996 and strange signs began appearing in the sky. John Carpenter, one of the most influential directors of the past century, decides to bring Snake Plissken back and the prophecy has been fulfilled. I fell in love with John immediately after I saw The Thing and the rest of his work soon followed. Escape from L.A. is actually more of a remake than a new film. If you want, you can check out Escape from New York from 1981, an inspiration for this, lets say, sequel. The new version actually integrated a couple of elements from his previous movies: he took the subversiveness from They Live, the zany but fun action from The Memoirs of the Invisible Man and finally the overall vibe of Big Trouble in Little China and the original movie. This combination yielded a pulpy movie, oozing with various juices, thus making it very likable. The rating of 5.7 at imdb is something that I cannot understand. I guess he went over-the-top for too many people.

Escape from L.A. [1996] Movie Review Recommendation PosterLos Angeles became one of the worst places to live on Earth by the year 1998. Ridden with corruption and crime, the city is slowly dissolving under the weight of its problems. When an earthquake hits it in 2000, the president, or should we say dictator, of America declares it a sinful place that has been punished for its behavior. He also declares the start of the new “Moral America” program that bans alcohol, tobacco, drugs, freedom of religion and many other things. Who doesn’t want to conform to these new values is free to seek a place among the prisoners of the new L.A., now an island that serves as a prison without any internal control. Snake Plissken, one of the worst criminals in the history of the country has been caught again and is awaiting his destiny in prison. But when president’s daughter disappears, he would be offered a deal, a deal he could not refuse…


Filled with colorful characters, dangers and almost anything you can think of, this new L.A. is an immensely fun place. I mean, Steve Buscemi is there for fucks sake! This movie knows exactly what it’s doing, with very satirical take on the entertainment industry, B movies, action stars and many more things. The special effects are good, although towards the end certain scenes do look a bit strange. In the end, Escape from L.A. is definitely a guilty pleasure movie, but its underlying message makes something much more. Strong leadership that imprisons its citizens if they break the rules is something that has been happening for centuries and will be happening until we learn to remember.

Director: John Carpenter

Cast: Kurt Russell, Steve Buscemi, Bruce Campbell, Michelle Forbes, Pam Grier, Peter Fonda, Stacy Keach

Fun Facts: At the beginning of the film, Kurt Russell wears his costume from the original film, which still fits after 15 years.


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