Coming to us from the director of Banlieue 13, and with support of Luc Besson, From Paris with Love is exactly the movie you expect it to be. I mean, for fucks sake, the guy is holding a bazooka on the poster. First of all, the thing that irritated me the most is the utter usage of the plot of the Training Day movie. We have an experienced veteran and young apprentice that still needs to learn the ropes of the trade. They are both taking drugs, and are unconventional in their ways, with Travolta being more of a loose cannon, a guy who has seen it all and Rhys is that ambitious younger guy. This is not the actors fault and both Travolta and Rhys Meyers did their jobs flawlessly, but the very script and the idea of the movie were too simplistic. This is just an okay movie that will entertain you, and after you have seen it, you will soon forget it. So to summarize the flick, this is Training Day bad copy with terrorists. Still there are decent amounts of action and jokes that make this movie worth watching, enjoy…

PS The same director is involved in production of the new version of Dune, finally the story will watered down, and there will be a lot of jumping and shooting, since this is the essence of the novel (NOT)

Director: Pierre Morel

Cast: John Travolta, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Kasia Smutniak, Amber Rose Revah, Eric Godon

Fun Stuff: This is a spy genre film and it is interesting to note that the title of the earlier film To Paris with Love (1955) is said to have been the inspiration for James Bond creator Ian Fleming for the title of his 1957 James Bond spy novel, “From Russia With Love” which was later made into the film From Russia with Love (1963).


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