First of all, if you are willing to see a movie called Hobo with a Shotgun, you know what you are expecting to see. Exactly that. This movie was created from a trailer for Grindhouse (Planet Terror, Death Proof) by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, just like Machete. And just like Machete this is an Grindhouse, Exploitation flick with extreme gore and violence as the only difference from above mentioned flick. It very much resembles a comic book, plot and event wise, and therefore it’s pretty fun and interesting to watch. Although the movie may seem like just another mindless gory bloodfest, story and message that it sends are pretty strong and they are surprisingly well thought out. Simply put, the whole thing makes sense. We can thank the director for that and of course phenomenal Rutger Hauer (now he looks like Anthony Hopkins, although I stopped following his career after ’92 and his masterpiece Split Second)

This movie starts out pretty slowly, showing how the corrupted and fucked up the society has become (I liked the Bum Fights reference), seen through the eyes of the ordinary hobo (polite term: homeless man :D). He just wanted his lawn mower, but just could not stand the injustice and the crooked values of the society. So instead of a lawn mower he bought a shotgun and started his rampage. In this crusade his only companion is a whore (polite term: prostitute :D), and through this relationship they will both grow. It’s interesting to see another vigilante with a prostitute as a companion, much like in the movie Defendor that came out in 2009. With a lot of gory and over the top violence this movie has that shock effect, but if you look deeper you will find a pretty good plot. Enjoy…

Director: Jason Eisener

Cast: Rutger Hauer, Molly Dunsworth, Jeremy Akerman, Brian Downey, Gregory Smith

Fun Facts: Slick and Ivan drive a Bricklin; a Canadian made car from the mid 70s.


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