This Danish comedy/action flick may be a bit older, but is still interesting and funny. It’s very cute and it has that indie pulp fiction vibe like The Pusher and some of Ritchie flicks (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Mean Machine) with a special European vibe. Although the story is gang related, the main thing about this movie is actually right there in the title. “In China They Eat Dogs” actually represents the disintegration of the Arvid’s system of values. He believed that there must be some universal rulebook and if he does everything by it, he will make it in life. I Kina spiser de hunde AKA In China They Eat Dogs [1999] Movie Review Recommendation PosterAs we all know, life is infinitely more complex. These are the difficult questions that nobody is willing to provide answers for, or if they are willing those answers are just plain wrong (religion, capitalism, socialism…). To pose that kind of question and wrap it with black humor, gangs and fucked up situations is truly a feat worth admiring.

It tells the story of simple people in extraordinary circumstances, although it has a slow start it speeds up towards the end up to the climatic finale. An ordinary bank clerk, Arvid accidentally stops a bank robbery and is immediately proclaimed a hero. But this event will have further consequences on his life when crazy gangsters and all the other weird people get involved. Sometimes movie strays from the story into some very unusual and funny situations, while still keeping that intense vibe. Granted the beginning was a bit slower, just give it time and you will be amazed. Enjoy.

Director: Lasse Spang Olsen

Cast: Kim Bodnia, Dejan Cukic, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Tomas Villum Jensen, Peter Gantzler, Trine Dyrholm

Fun Stuff: Serbian criminals depicted in the movie are actually a really strong criminal organization in Denmark.


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