Lost Bullet 2020 Movie Scene Alban Lenoir as Lino driving a red Renault 21 with the police behind him

Lost Bullet AKA Balle Perdue [2020]

Streamlined as fuck, Lost Bullet is built for thrills, entertainment, and suspense with a lot of creative and original scenes. Just from the opening sequence, you can feel this is going to be a great movie. It features sleek and stylish cinematography. Combined with perfect lighting, it enables us to enjoy every little detail including the fucking dust particles. Stellar editing completes the picture of an extremely visually appealing movie. However, we all know there are a lot of movies that look good but are shit otherwise. This is not one of them. We follow a small-time criminal on the run from police trying to prove his innocence. The sequel to this movie is already in the works with a lot larger budget. I can’t wait to see it.

For a French crime movie, Lost Bullet has a surprising amount of well-choreographed fight sequences. And while it starts like Taxi, it soon turns to Banlieue 13 and then blends them adding a darker tone to the mix. I also recommend you check out both of these movies, as they feature a similar atmosphere to this one. I constantly talk about how these French movies, because of their distinct atmosphere, can get away with a lot. And this is also the case here with a bit of over-the-top action and story direction. On the other hand, the relatively predictable plot and juicy action make it very easygoing and familiar. They’re not pretending this is anything other than a stylish and entertaining action movie. And it’s got intense chases, fights, and shootouts to prove it.

After a botched jewelry store heist, car mechanic Lino is caught and sentenced to two years in prison. At the same time, the police are having trouble catching a gang of drug traffickers using superfast cars. So, inspector Charas pulls Lino out of the prison and puts him to work in the garage of a newly formed anti-drug squad. However, not long after Lino finds himself in trouble again, accused of murder. Only now he didn’t commit the crime and both the criminals and the police are after him.

Lost Bullet features one hell of a final chase with good old sturdy stunts that look like someone could have died on the set. The cast is also sturdy, without pretty faces and one natural beauty Stéfi Celma. I wouldn’t mind getting choked by her, I’ll tell you that. Alban Lenoir was a good lead along with charismatic Nicolas Duvauchelle. This entire movie reminds me of all those seventies movies about driving. Or any Jason Statham movie, like Crank or Transporter. Considering just how good the cast was, it’s shame that the characters are so one-dimensional. However, I guess that’s the sacrifice that had to be made. Along with a simplistic plot, it separates this movie from cult status and makes it perfect for a single viewing. After all, Bill Burr liked it, I think you will too.

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Director: Guillaume Pierret

Writers: Guillaume Pierret, Alban Lenoir, Kamel Guemra, Samuel Stewart Hunter

Cast: Alban Lenoir, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Ramzy Bedia, Stéfi Celma, Rod Paradot, Pascale Arbillot

Fun Facts: The filming took just 38 days. Was a hit for Netflix, attracting more than 37 million viewers in its first four weeks.


IMDb Link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10456740/

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