Premium Rush [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Premium Rush [2012]

Rarely do you see a movie about cycling, bikers have so many movies that it can be said that there’s a whole “biker” genre but for those who ride bicycles, well, there’s Premium Rush. This answers many of the crucial questions for any movie that strives to be remembered, like: has anyone filmed anything similar or is it exciting enough to make a good action movie. The lives of the bike messengers are very exciting and this created a subculture with quite the following. Later in the review I will have to bitch a little about them, but for now, let us continue. Directed and written by almighty David Koepp (Stir of Echoes, Ghost Town) , who has a knack for making excellent movies, Premium Rush is a great movie. Seriously, it’s just great, one of those movies that makes you feel good, you know it’s going to end well and while you’re waiting for that end, you can enjoy in great action sequences and humor. Although there are many good actors here, Michael Shannon stole the show. I didn’t know that a man of his looks can be so funny and after this I hope that he will get a chance to explore that side of his acting abilities.

Premium Rush PosterWilee is a bike messenger in Manhaten and he loves his job although it is quite dangerous and unrewarding. But for Wilee, this is the job from his dreams, especially since he decided to quit university and get a job that will let him ride bicycles. In a vibrant work collective, he even found love in one of his coworkers, a sexy and stringy girl named Vanessa. As was his shift about to end one day, he decided to do one last ride for that day that will turn his life upside down. He picked up a package from his Chinese friend Nima and now he must get it to its destination before the clock runs out. What he didn’t know is that there is a cop called Bobby Monday who also wants that package… The clock is ticking…

And now for some bitching and whining: I am very irritated by those reckless cyclist that just zoom by me in a crowded street on a “high” that they can manage to pass through there without ramming into anyone. What a bunch of assholes thinking only about themselves and their pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, I love people who are hedonists and know how to enjoy themselves but without risking harm to anyone else. This also rises the general, social morale message. In this movie it is implied that cycling like a maniac through crowded streets with only one goal in mind, to reach your destination is OK and even cool. It’s a good thing that I don’t care about general morale in general. These complaints aside, Premium Rush is a great movie, so check it out :-)

Director: David Koepp

Writers:  David Koepp, John Kamps

Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dania Ramirez, Michael Shannon, Jamie Chung, Kym Perfetto

Fun Facts: While filming, Joseph Gordon-Levitt rode his bike into a cab and smashed into the rear windshield, shattering it. He managed to block his face with his arms and needed 31 stitches on the right. Despite the large amount of blood streaming down his arm, he thought it was “f**king cool.” He took responsibility saying, “No, but it was my fault, I was going too fast.” Footage after the accident is shown in the end credits before the cast is listed.


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