And here we have another movie with Father-Son issues (in a bigger extent then in The Rite). With a director that is most known for his documentaries (and lets not forget The Last King of Scotland and State of Play), I guess that a historical subject of this movie was a right move. I liked the decision that half naked girls and scenes of sex were banned from the movie, that’s refreshing (and I am not cynical (no, really)). The production values are high, and there are some truly stunning shots of nature and, of course, combat. Also, I must say that the native dance also looks awesome, and quite frightening too. Acting was good, although Channing Tatum was a bit wooden, but I guess Roman soldiers were like that (that’s why girls liked them, same as Tatum :D). If you find yourself interested in ancient Romans, you should check out Rome and now popular The Borgies. Both series are produced by HBO (and in Rome BBC was also involved).

So, lets get back to the movie, Marcus Aquila is son of a shamed 9th legion commander that disappeared in the wilderness of Scotland. All his life he was hoping that he will be able to clear his family name, and prove that his father died honorably, if he died at all. He travels to Great Britain, determined to find out what happened to the ninth legion and their banner, the golden eagle. I will not reveal the rest of the story, although it is a bit predictable. The characters were fairly good, and I only think that Donald Sutherland had a rather small part. They should have used him smarter. The action and battles are also pretty intense, without CGI and all that crap, they have kind of a raw feel to them. One of the biggest flaws of the movie is the portrayal of the tribes, they look like a cross between Hawaiians and Na’vi (Avatar people), with a pretty feisty attitude. Their haircuts were hilarious, pretty fancy for 140 AD. There was a lot of potential in this movie, Rome and Great Britain have a long and very interesting history, with a lot of “cool” stuff in it, but I guess this is left for some other movie. Enjoy…

Director: Kevin Macdonald

Cast: Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell, Paul Ritter, Lukács Bicskey, Donald Sutherland

Fun Facts: The main character’s name is Marcus Aquila. Aquila is the Latin word for “Eagle”.


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