Before Borat and Bruno there was Ali G. All created by Sacha Baron Cohen, they were these larger-than-life characters poking fun at different subjects. Sarcasm, irony and outrageous jokes were guaranteed, but these characters also asked questions about many other subjects. For example, in this movie Sacha examined how the government works, marijuana, corruption and many other interesting things. Unlike his next two movies, Ali G Indahouse is not a mockumentary but a proper movie. Raunchy and always on the edge, this is light comedy about an English rapper (and player) who managed to get in the government. If you’re familiar with rap music, especially English rap music, you will enjoy much more.ali-g4

The story about Ali G is story about average suburban kid who wants to be a tough east/west coast gangsta rapper. After some hilarious events, Ali G is elected to be in the House of Parliament. His ability to influence government policies is going to result in a series of funny and awkward situations. Approaching almost every situation as a horny teenager who wants to prove himself, Ali G also represents all those wannabe gangsters. I hate to sound sexist but this movie is pretty hard on women, I mean it’s all harmless fun but in this day and age, I have to warn you about this. Although just one video made by any of the popular rappers, both male and female is far more offensive than any joke that Ali G uses. Pretty amusing and comical movie, with lot of divided critics about it. The best thing you can do is to watch it and figure it out for yourself, I personally liked it. Enjoy.

Director: Mark Mylod

Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen, Charles Dance, Rhona Mitra,  Emilio Rivera, Gina La Piana, Michael Gambon

Fun Facts: Body count: 11


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