Amatorene [2001] Movie Review Recommendation

Amatorene [2001]

In case you are in a mood for that special blend of black humor, realistic characters and fucked up situations that actually happen in real life, then Amatørene is the movie for you. Granted, it is a bit more obscure than the usual black comedies that we are used to, but only by recognition, this is a phenomenal movie that is waiting to be discovered. The concept is pretty much simple, you take one average (maybe below, sorry) guy and his life and make that at an almost every junction in his life he makes a wrong turn. His life sucks, and he didn’t deserve this, but if you can identify yourself with him and some of his problems with your own, you can actually help yourself, because it’s always good to get some perspective on your life… But don’t get me wrong, it’s not preachy or anything, just cleverly and relatively realistically written, with situations that happen to almost anyone at one point in life (what, they could totally happen…).

Amatorene PosterLets face it, Jan is a loser… He lives with his father who harasses him constantly, while running a fast food joint that is not doing well, and by not doing well I mean it’s bankrupt. While we are on the harassment subject, he also has a girlfriend, well ’nuff said. With no way out, and his life slowly falling apart, especially since his girlfriend left him (even that isn’t as good as it sounds for him), he is desperate. So, when he accidentally gets involved in a kidnapping of a famous rock star, he decides that enough is enough…

Great thing about movies like this is that you can watch them as a bunch of interesting and funny stuff or you can get all analytical and shit, and follow one man’s journey through some rough times. In the end, the life is a journey, not a destination (laaaaaameeeeeeee), and maybe we should all treat it like that, with a positive spin and attitude…

Director: Pål Sletaune

Writers:  Pål Sletaune, Jonny Halberg

Cast: Robert Skjærstad, Andrine Sæther, Philip Zandén, Trond Høvik, Per Schaanning, Bernhard Ramstad

Fun Facts: Movie features a band called Anal Scream (actually called Nocturnal Breed), if that isn’t fun fact I don’t know what is


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