Bad Roomies 2015 Movie Patrick Renna as Bobby and Tommy Savas as Raymond looking creepy

Bad Roomies [2015]

Featuring an easygoing atmosphere and a familiar story, Bad Roomies is a low-key indie comedy. It’s one of those Sunday movies you should watch while getting over your hangover. The story is heard a thousand times and the entire movie feels a bit predictable although there are several twists in the story. And while the story is predictable the jokes are not. Authentic and with a strange vibe, they really added a necessary edge to the atmosphere. The atmosphere that’s already sexually charged and exciting. Just the thing you need to raise your eyes from the phone screen and pay attention to what’s happening in the movie. It’s visually appealing and this is not some low-budget atrocity.

The dark humor is the thing that elevated Bad Roomies from a bunch of other, similar comedies. When a movie opens with a guy digging a grave in the desert, you know they’re willing to go that extra mile. Surely it’s not Very Bad Things or In Bruges, but it’s pretty decent. It’s more similar to Superbad and the turn-of-the-century comedies. There’s Something About Mary seems like the best comparison. The casting was excellent and completed the picture of a well-rounded comedy. Absolutely ravishing Annie Monroe was phenomenal as an enticing roommate, Patrick Renna was just perfect as the average fat guy and finally, Tommy Savas WAS the hot single guy.

Bobby and Raymond are in a bit of trouble. Their last roommate left abruptly and now they have to find a new one. The process is excruciatingly boring and dull until she shows up. Chloe was a perfect roommate. Scratch that, she would be a perfect Playmate. And Bobby and Raymond are well aware of this as they instantly try to seduce her. However, this is something that they will regret because sometimes things that you want the most…

One of the things that I liked about Bad Roomies is the fact that it’s quite realistic. Meaning it’s not some fuck yeah let’s do some shit and it’s going to be awesome but more of let’s do some shit it’s going to be awesome and then come the problems, the regret, and everything else. The technical aspect if I may say so is explored. Patrick Renna was so funny that he reminded me of those old-school French slapstick comedies. The script is witty and this is not a “male” flick so you can watch it with your girlfriend or wife or whatever. If you ever had to look for an apartment or a roommate, I’m sure you’ll find some of the situations familiar. As I get older and older, I look at these movies with more and more nostalgia. Almost living vicariously through these young guys and girls.

In the end, Bad Roomies is not a perfect movie but it shows a lot of promise for everyone involved. If you’re looking for similar dark comedies I recommend you check out Drop Dead Sexy, Burying the Ex and Idle Hands. Plus I also have to mention Along Came Polly, Whipped and Saving Silverman.

Director: Jason Schnell

Writer: Justin Mooney

Cast: Patrick Renna, Tommy Savas, Annie Monroe, Jackie Tohn, Page Kennedy, Kyle Howard

Fun Facts: Both Tommy Savas and Patrick Renna both appeared on CSI.


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