Bank Of Dave 2023 Movie Scene Joel Fry as Hugh and Rory Kinnear as Dave arguing in court

Bank of Dave [2023]

I’m really happy our first 2023 movie is Bank of Dave. This is a charming mainstream comedy without sex, nudity, or raunchy jokes. It’s based on the true story of Dave Fishwick, a businessman who decides to take on the big banks in the UK. As someone who truly despises the entire financial sector, I felt like it was my obligation to not only watch but also recommend this story. It highlights everything that’s wrong with banks and our society in general. And it does so in a very unobtrusive and charming way.

The structure is a very familiar one as we will have a bit of romance, a bit of community bonding, and a bit of comedy. The driving force of Bank of Dave is Rory Kinnear playing Dave Fishwick, our titular character. His performance here made this movie that much better along with solid Joel Fry and Phoebe Dynevor. Now, you should also know that some sections feel overstretched and contrived. This would be a banger at 80 minutes but at 100, it feels like a bit of a chore. Luckily, the surprisingly vibrant and inviting setting will help with that.

The story takes place in Burnley, a classic British post-industrial city with a relatively popular football club. I kept expecting to see that lovely ginger bald head of Sean Dyche emerge from somewhere but it sadly never appeared. When it comes to places like Burnley we always get this depressing and dreary Black Country vibes. Like you’re watching a modern version of Peaky Fookin Blinders. Bank of Dave offers a different perspective that I’m sure is a reality for some of the residents of this city. And something others should strive for.

Meet Dave Fishwick, a successful van salesman who helped his community after the financial crisis in 2008. Several years passed and Dave suddenly got a revolutionary idea. He wants to open a local bank to help the small guy who big banks don’t even notice. To help him do this, here comes this posh young lawyer from London. And so the battle begins…

When you’re trying to make a movie as mainstream as this one, you’re bound to disappoint a section of the audience. They can’t help but feel the power of the story, a true underdog story slowly dissipating in this pedestrian manner. And I do feel bad for writing this just because the movie is such a people-pleaser but it had to be said. It’s simply too cheesy for its own good. And you know I like a bit cheesy. However, since this is a low-budget Netflix production telling a story you probably never heard of, all of this is not that important.

I mean, the movie doesn’t even have a trailer or a decent poster. So, you might even say that the movie itself is an underdog in this vast Netflix catalog. And I do love underdogs as both this site, Rabbit Reviews, and I personally are ones as well. Finally, I do have to add that Dave Fishwick is an example of a man who made his money and decided to give it back to the community. Something you won’t see any of the billionaires, bankers, and other Elon Musks ever do.

Director: Chris Foggin

Writer: Piers Ashworth

Cast: Rory Kinnear, Joel Fry, Phoebe Dynevor, Jo Hartley, Hugh Bonneville, Angus Wright

Fun Facts: Although the story takes place in Burnley, most of the movie was filmed in Leeds.


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