Beyond Beyond AKA Resan Till Fjäderkungens Rike 2014 Johan the rabbit and his friend hiding in the ship

Beyond Beyond AKA Resan Till Fjäderkungens Rike [2014]

Beyond Beyond is truly a strange movie. I think that they tried to make an intelligent movie that works on many levels. However, whether they have succeeded in their intention is debatable. The kids will be confused by the strange storyline but the adults should find it interesting and original. This is the main selling point of the movie along with a really cute and again original style of animation. I also think that this movie is reflective of the Scandinavian culture that interprets and deals with things in a different way. Not good or a bad way, just different.

The crew that made this movie seem to be quite fond of Miyazaki his Studio Ghibli productions. So, if you’re a fan of those animated movies, you might also enjoy this one. This isn’t a Pixar movie fo sho, but exactly that gives it enough ammo to survive for a little more than an hour. The characters are quite lovable and amusing and the original storyline should keep you entertained as you follow this strange family of rabbits in their adventures. Rabbit Reviews is always partial when it comes to rabbits, as you might have guessed. This movie reminded me of all those Danish movies like Hævnen that deal with difficult subjects in a similar fashion.

Johan is a small and young rabbit who just suffered a terrible loss. His mother died and had to go to that place where people go when they die. It’s just him and his father now, but Johan decides that he’s not gonna take this and sets off to find his mother in the strange world that can be only accessed by a special boat with a special pass… Will Johan succeed is up to you to find out.

First of all, I have to applaud the “bravery” of the Norwegians, (Hey Mac, they’re not Norwegians but Danes and Swedes!), the bravery to bluntly tackle such a huge issue as a death of a mother. Just think about what the mainstream Hollywood approach would be here… Anyways, once the movie gets going, the pace is quite decent keeping the viewer wondering where is all this going to lead. Some of the plot twists seem a bit rushed and overdrawn, adding additional confusion to the whole story.

In the end, this would be another mediocre cartoon if not for a strange and educational story. Exactly this pushed Beyond Beyond over those five stars to six and a half. Plus, it’s a story about rabbits, and believe it or not, it even has some Lovecraftian motives. If you’re looking for movies with similar themes, I must recommend A Monster Calls. It’s a live-action movie but with a lot of cool animation, both CGI and hand-drawn. And it also deals with the subject of the loss of a parent. You can also check out our selection of Animated Movies.

Director: Esben Toft Jacobsen

Writer: Jannik Tai Mosholt, Esben Toft Jacobsen

Cast: Edvin Ryding, Tuva Novotny, Gustaf Hammarsten, Lennart Jähkel, Sissela Kyle, Leif Andrée

Fun Facts: Festival Award: Budapest 2014 – bästa långfilm / Best Feature, Anigoue International Animation Festival, Ungern


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