It seems that a new trend of revisiting someblack dynamite of the seventies and eighties movie genres is continuing with this movie. Written by a cult action star Michael Jai White, Black Dynamite is Pure Gold. Everyone involved did their best and paid close attention to details, so we are treated to the original seventies atmosphere with appropriate settings and music. As far as the story is concerned, we have one tough motherfucker that makes all the ladies go nuts and that kicks ass all around. And after his brother gets killed he will get ultra-angry, and try to take down those responsible. Scratch that try, Black Dynamite does not try, he gets things done.

Funny one liners, great bad acting, awesome clichés and extremely funny main plot are things that are guaranteed. Action packed and with a steady pacing, the time will fly while you’re waiting for the next hilarious scene. And the nudity, don’t get me even started on the nudity. There’s a lot of it, with several porn stars making their big screen debut in this movie. And it’s that old school nudity, no plastic shit here, just natural beauty. So expect a rare pleasure from watching this awesome flick, and if you are interested in more blaxploitation flicks check out Coffy, Blackenstein, Blacula or do some googling on the subject. Enjoy.

Director: Scott Sanders

Cast: Michael Jai White, Arsenio Hall, Tommy Davidson, Kevin Chapman, Buddy Lewis

Fun Stuff: Michael Jai White first had the idea for the movie while filming Undisputed II: Last Man Standing (2006) in Bulgaria. James Brown’s Superbad was playing on his iPod and the “blaxpoitation” film idea came to him. He first wanted to call the film Superbad (2007), but that title had already been taken so he came up with Black Dynamite.


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