Now here’s a good movie for valentine’s day, well, at least I think it’s good. At first it seemed like another American stupid milking comedy that spent its $70 million budget on actors, exclusive rooms (the entire movie was shot on the island of Bora Bora) and Satan knows what. But when I checked it, out it proved rather refreshing. They seem to be drawing from personal experiences and building on them, especially if you consider the fact that Couples Retreat was written by Vaughn, Favreau and Fox. Very intelligent and profound, it resonates with most of the couples. But once again movie industry dabbled into the concept, and the last section of the movie losses focus, but it still remains on track.

After one of the four couples suggested to others a trip to a beautiful island in a resort called Eden, they all reluctantly accept it, hoping to spend a great time on the sea just having fun. But as you can predict, their vacation will turn into something else… A lot of colorful and interesting characters and four couples with different problems that are supposed to hit wider target audience successfully accomplished their goals. So, relax and enjoy this comedy while you’re dreaming of spending your next holiday on this beautiful island, hopefully not working on your relationship…

Director: Peter Billingsley

Cast: Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, Faizon Love, Jon Favreau, Jean Reno, Malin Akerman

Fun Stuff: Three clips seen in the trailer – Malin Åkerman saying “You don’t want to see this in a bikini. I haven’t waxed since the Stanley Cup.”; Jon Favreau asking “Do we have to bring the wives?”; and Kristin Davis saying “Not a problem!” in response to Carlos Ponce saying “Excuse my nudity” – are not in the movie.


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