This movie really blew my mind since I was expecting it to be some lame attempt to make a parody out of the classic superhero movies. Instead, it turned out to be very thoughtful and complex comedy/drama about people, dreams and ideals. Of course, let’s delve right in the center of things with Defendor: he represents an ordinary man unable to operate the levers of the world in order to bring it back to balance. He sees crime, poverty and other bad stuff going on, he knows that something must be done and since no one is doing it, he decides to take on the world and do it himself. However, the conspiracy goes much, much further than the tangible enemies that Defendor is able to notice with his senses. All he needs now is Rocinante. Scratch that, All we need…

Arthur Poppington is a bit slow, and this has prevented him to accomplish something big in his life, but he has his alter ego Defendor (yes, it`s Defendor not Defender). Defendor fights crime and seeks justice in this crooked world. As always in these movies, he is accompanied by lady with sinful background… Really a heartwarming movie that has a deeper message. Woody and Elias really shined with their performances, giving credibility and soul to this movie. The script could have been better but honest approach kind of balanced that out along with the committed cast. The problem that remained was the fact that the movie never decides what it wants to do with all the elements (superhero angle, Arthur angle, crooked world angle…) just mushing the whole thing together into something that we cannot define. Something that we like, enjoy.

Director: Peter Stebbings

Cast: Woody Harrelson, Elias Koteas, Michael Kelly, Sandra Oh, Kat Dennings

Fun Stuff: Canadian actor Peter Stebbings’s screenwriting and directorial debut.


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  1. Floris

    Yeah! Great great flick!! I’ve become an even bigger fan of Harrelson after this one.. They should give him more leading roles.. Found transsiberian also very very good because of him. Sadly the movie hasn’t been received that good, which i find is not very righteous;)
    Indeed a big surprise and it could well beat kick-ass for me, which deals with sort of the same theme…:)

    Keep up the good work;) Although i don’t like all the horror flicks you post, the rest is very familiar with my taste:)

    (PS. Hope it’s ok that i’ve sort of copied your idea for this site.. Made my own Dutch version, because i liked the idea so much. maybe you could sometimes check in and just skip across the titles.. maybe you still find somethin interesting..;))


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