Although I was expecting more from this movie, it still was pretty funny. Although featuring a similar motive, Eulogy cannot be compared to Death At The Funeral that was more of a comedy than a drama. Yes, it possesses some of the black humor qualities but it is more incoherent and smushed into a bunch of stories that are not so cleverly presented to the viewer. Death in a family is relatively common theme, and with a dysfunctional family being an even more common themeeulogy, there are no big revelations here. Eulogy offers zany and off-beat humor with excellent acting. Hank and Ray were really terrific as Uncle Skip and Danny the Loser, Ray particularly proving that he can be funny both as a nice guy and a douche. This is the aspect that I enjoyed the most: real people interacting with real people. There were no forced dialogues or strange decision making, everything felt organic and authentic, especially if you have some experience in this area.

After the passing of the eldest member of the Collins family, the entire family is gathered at the funeral where they will reveal its secrets and other stuff that were kept in secrecy. Featuring a very good cast and high production values, movie has a nice vibe going on, and it is hilarious at times. So if you want some comedy with a touch of black humor to it, you should check out this flick, enjoy. If you’re looking for a full-blown drama featuring similar setting to this movie, I recommend that you check out Festen [1998].

Director: Michael Clancy

Cast: Hank Azaria, Zooey Deschanel, Ray Romano, Rip Torn, Debra Winger, Kelly Preston

Fun Stuff: Winona Ryder was initially attached to this movie.


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