Eulogy 2004 Movie Scene Family fight during the dinner

Eulogy [2004]

Eulogy seems like exactly the type of quirky indie dramedy I tend to avoid. However, dark humor and dysfunctional families are fun topics so I decided to check it out. Plus, the cast is pretty good. We have Ray Romano, Hank Azaria, and Zooey Deschanel along with Rip Torn and Debra Winger. It turned out to be quite decent and watchable. The atmosphere is easygoing despite the main story unfolding at a leisurely pace. You already know how this is going to play out so just sit back and relax. You’re about to witness something that will make your family gatherings seem like a picnic.

Eulogy offers zany and off-beat humor defusing the toxic behavior of some of the family members. It was really cool to watch Ray Romano be an asshole, something you somehow think he’s incapable of. On top of all this, the situations and characters feel relatable. This is the aspect that I enjoyed the most: real people interacting with real people. There were no forced dialogues or strange decision-making, everything felt organic and authentic. Especially if you have some experience in this area.

Edmund Collins just died. He was a well-loved figure both in his community and family. As members of his family learn of his death we slowly get to know them better. They’re all getting ready for a big family gathering right before his funeral. Many of them have not seen each other for years and this is a great opportunity to make amends. However, what will actually happen is far from that. In fact, we’re about to witness something extraordinary.

I can see why some of the viewers found Eulogy to be boring and pretentious. I mean, this is clearly not a masterpiece and your expectations have to be lowered. However, I think that exactly this strange mixture of bizarre situations and commercial coating made this movie much easier to watch. So, it feels more like a movie movie than something big and profound. Something that requires your undivided attention. There’s nothing wrong with being mediocre. If you’re looking for one of those masterpieces, I recommend you check out Festen. Additionally, if you’re up for more dark humor Death at a Funeral is a great choice.

I have to admit that I personally would want to see a much more darker and bizarre movie. Something like I Stand Alone meets Very Bad Things. However, you can take the stuff that’s happening on screen and take it wherever you want. I mean, just to think how fucked up some of it is and that it’s really happening is dark enough.

Director: Michael Clancy

Cast: Hank Azaria, Zooey Deschanel, Ray Romano, Rip Torn, Debra Winger, Kelly Preston

Fun Stuff: Playing Ted Collins and Fred Collins were real life brothers, Keith Garcia and Curtis Garcia.