Continuing with the mildly entertaining movies, next on schedule is the Father of Invention. Although the poster and Kevin Spacey were promising, the movie turned out to be average but still watchable, arguably only because of the lead actor. Being a great fan of infomercials, I expected much more from this movie, maybe a more complex plot and deeper emotions, not some Hallmark family crap. Granted, right up until the very end, the movie was good, but they finished it with a meh instead of a bang. The movie is not that bad as the reviewers on Imdb say, but it is just average, and I think that everybody expected more from Spacey. However, a man can only do so much with the given script… Such a potential is wasted and a good opportunity to make a black humor comedy is gone. I have to say that lately only these bland and mediocre movies are appearing out of the blue, so I have to dig deeper to discover the good ones.

Robert Axle, a famous infomercial TV presenter and inventor is just released from prison, after serving an eight-year sentence for the malfunction of one of his devices. Apparently his ab-cruncher, apart from crunching abs also crunches fingers. At this point there were at least a thousand jokes about people who lost their fingers in this apparatus, but they passed on all of them, just sad… His work was his life, and vice versa so he ended up alone, estranged from his daughter and wife (ex-wife I guess). His daughter Claire is now living with two roommates and his wife with her new boyfriend. With no money and no place to crash he will move in with his daughter just ’till his new invention (fabrication) makes it…

Director: Trent Cooper

Cast: Kevin Spacey, Camilla Belle, Heather Graham, Johnny Knoxville, Virginia Madsen, Craig Robinson

Fun Facts: Director on Kevin Spacey: He is a top pro, though, and he is extremely devoted, he comes to work ready. He really pushed me and it was great, it’s kind of like hiring a personal trainer to get you in shape, and he is going to work your ass.


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