There are some movies that can be watched regardless of your preferences or mental state. Fierce Creatures is one of those movies, an easygoing comedy with a phenomenal cast, excellent script and some hilarious jokes. This is basically the same crew that did A Fish Called Wanda, one of those cult comedies. I shall not compare the two because Wanda is something that happens only once and we cannot possibly expect that it happens again. Anywhoo, lets get back to the movie at hand. As you probably guessed, acting here is not a problem. Starring John Cleese who also wrote the script, along with Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline and Michael Palin, you can enjoy in each and every scene by watching these hardened professionals making the most of the already great script. Oddly enough, Cleese regrets making this movie, especially because it was advertised as Vanda’s sequel, featuring the same crew. I understand that artists can sometimes hate their works for various reasons, but this is actually a great movie.

Fierce Creatures [1997] Movie Review Recommendation PosterOctopus Inc. is one of those huge companies doing all kinds of evil, capitalistic (oh, how those two words sit together beautifully) shit all over the world. Rod McCain, the owner of the company, has instituted a policy of 20% revenue no matter what the business is and it proved to be successful. His latest acquisition is the Marwood Zoo, of whom it is expected to meet the same requirements as the rest of his assets. To this thing, he hires Rollo Lee, a retired Hong Kong Police Force officer and former Octopus Television employee. However, when Rollo tried to actually implement his plan, he found it to be much, much more difficult than he originally thought.

The movie is filled with jokes that you can watch with your parents or kids and not have that awkward moments of silence. And the jokes are so good that you will laugh, it’s like they went: how can we write jokes that are not dirty but are just as funny. One of the funniest things in the movie for me was the relationship between Rollo and Willa, where she sees him as a sex crazed maniac and this, of course, could not be farther from the truth. This is above all a cute and fun movie, so waste no time and check out this excellent comedy.

Directors: Fred Schepisi, Robert Young

Cast: John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, Carey Lowell

Fun Facts: Made by the same team as A Fish Called Wanda (1988). The two films have more than 20 cast and crew members in common, including all the major performers from the earlier film (although some of them only have bit parts in this movie).


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