I know, I know, this movie is not so good. It’s got low imdb rating and basically it’s pretty dumb,gone fishin but sometimes that is exactly what are you looking for. Something without intricate plots, complex characters, but just plain old predictable comedy. To spice things up, consider that the script for this movie wrote none other than J.J. Abrams (Lost, Super 8, Star Trek: Into The Darkness, Star Wars: Episode VII). A feel good, family time entertainment movies like Gone Fishin’ are the thing of nineties, so it’s also amusing to see how they went about creating such a movie. Especially when you consider the budget of whopping 53 million freakin’ dollars. You gotta be wondering how the fuck did they manage to spend so much on a movie about two guys going fishing…

Obviously produced to appeal to the Joe Average in America this movie follows two best friends on their way to Florida. they both have families and they both love fishing, but when a murdering conman steals their car, everything that can go wrong will. Great actors in such a mediocre movie really did their job as best as they could. For the first fifteen minutes I kept saying that this is an awful movie, but after that I got interested what would happen next, and that was it. If you are feeling in a mood for this flick check it out, at least the time will go faster, but be warned that is not that good.

Director: Christopher Cain

Cast: Joe Pesci, Danny Glover, Rosanna Arquette, Lynn Whitfield, Willie Nelson, Nick Brimble

Fun Stuff: John G. Avildsen was the film’s original director. He was fired after two weeks, paid his $2 million salary, and replaced by ‘Christopher Cain’


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119214/

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  1. jasper

    Hmm kind of dissapointed.
    First i read this: “Only reviews of movies worth watching, no bad, no boring movies. Enjoy your stay, and be sure to leave some comments. DAILY UPDATED!!!”

    And then this:
    “If you are feeling in a mood for this flick check it out, at least the time will go faster, but be warned that is not that good.”

    Hope not to many of these “not that good” movies will be listed here. Thats why i liked Rabbit Reviews,,,

  2. Rabbit-Reviews

    Well, as I said it is not that good and some of the people may not like it, but it is relaxing when you`re in the right mood… (although I cannot remember why would I post something like that :D)
    And of course, this is one of few mediocre movies that is or will be on the site.
    Thank you for the feedback and stay tuned for more movies…


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