Although this movie is labeled as a comedy, it shows a bit darker side of junkie life and it furthermore instills the belief that drugs are not that great. Set in 1983, High Life is a slow-paced, low-key stoner sleeper hit. It envelops the viewer and pulls him into this world of “losers” with great plans who are just one step from either becoming rich or in prison. They usually end up doing something even worse, like straight life.

Dick uses morphine as a drug of choice. He works in a hospital, so that comes in handy with his addiction. But when his trigger-happy buddy from prison Bug visits him everything will start to fall apart. Now they have to come up with a scheme to get some money, and the opportunity presents itself in a form of an ATM machine. Dick gathers two more buddies to pull of this enterprise, but as you are about to see, this job will be very tricky to do. Different and conflicting personalities create a situational humor that is very easygoing and the whole movie looks and feels sort of high. Like it just smoked a bunch of weed and it’s telling the story in a very calm and careful manner. Stephen Eric McIntyre and Timothy Olyphant really kicked ass in this flick and I am sorry that I have not seen Stephen in more movies, because he is an excellent actor.

Director: Gary Yates

Cast: Timothy Olyphant, Stephen Eric McIntyre, Rossif Sutherland, Joe Anderson, Mike Bell

Fun Stuff: The bank is Sturbucks in real life. Hughes, Griffith, Woytowich were all in a movie ATM together. High Life takes place in 1983 when ATM’S were just becoming popular and the ATM plays a part in the film’s plot.


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