Although this may seem like some kiddie flick, it is much deeper (well not that much deeper, lets say deepish). We can see young Shia LaBeouf in a lead role of the kid wrongfully convicted of theft and sent to remote desert conviction unit. There a mysterious warden is making his prisoners dig holes for apparently no good reason. Holes is a Disney movie, although it doesn’t follow the usual dumbed-down, politically correct screenplay. It stays true to the book with it’s realistic approach to the whole thing. I mean, kids do steal stuff and they are sent to correctional facilities with much harsher conditions in real life. White privileged class finds this too graphic because they don’t like to be faced with a possibility that their perfect kid could end up in jail that’s for the outcasts and losers.

Based on a book, it has a very engaging story that will keep your attention, and the director managed to portray all the little details that make the books more interesting than movies (sometimes). I mean even Sigourney Weaver offered herself to the director since it is her daughters favourite book. Holes is enjoyable both for kids and for adults, and I think is perfect for a relaxing movie night either with your girlfriend or alone. Enjoy.

Director: Andrew Davis

Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, Tim Blake Nelson, Shia LaBeouf, Khleo Thomas, Ski Carr

Fun Stuff: Nathan Davis, the actor who plays Stanley Yelnats II (Stanley’s grandfather), is director Andrew Davis’s father. A screenplay was initially written by Richard Kelly, who greatly departed from the source material by writing a dark, violent adaptation of the story set in a post-apocalyptic world. The studio reportedly found the script far too disturbing for a children’s movie, rejecting it in favor of the final script written by the novel’s author, Louis Sachar.


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  1. Docalion

    I super love this film. It’s very loyal to the book. I am happy you made a review about it. ^_^


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