How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog [2000] Movie Review Recommendation

How to Kill Your Neighbor’s Dog [2000]

This sophisticated odd comedy with a bit slow pace somehow slipped through the cracks of the movie world. It is not that famous although it is good enough. Peter McGowan is a nervous playwright who does not get so much recognition these days. He smokes a lot, has problems getting an erection and is generally an awkward guy. McGowan wrote a couple of real hits, but that happened ten years ago and ever since then he has been trying to make a comeback. When a new neighbor moves in, things will finally start to happen, but what things is up to you to find out.

This movie is about small things that happen to all of us, and if it so happens that you have the same opinion as our main character, that better the movie will be. He is constantly smoking, he does not want kids, people annoy him, and all the other stuff that we usually hate or love. You might find the plot a bit incoherent due to the desire of the director to tackle too much subjects, but just concentrate on Branagh and you will be good. He was excellent here, along with the rest of the cast, especially Robin Wright Penn. The dialogue was creative and engaging with insightful and intelligent jokes that sometimes left a bitter aftertaste as you realized that you may be that guy.

Director: Michael Kalesniko

Cast: Kenneth Branagh, Robin Wright Penn, Suzi Hofrichter, Lynn Redgrave, Jared Harris

Fun Stuff: The film was the prestigious closing night film at the 2000 Toronto International Film Festival and won multiple festival awards. It was released as Mad Dogs and Englishmen in Australia.


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