This is a very cute movie, that does not take itself seriously and exactly because of this it maintains a very casual atmosphere. It has a little slow pace, but is perfect for those movie nights that you just want to relax and see some easygoing flick. I usually find similar indie productions too overbearing and ultimately boring, more about the people involved in the movie than the actual movie itself, but Kabluey managed to hit that sweet-spot. It balances carefully drama and humor, maintaining characters as the central figures. This is because Scott Prendergast who wrote, directed and starred in this movie wrote an amazing script with a lot of attention to details. You can feel that writing from the heart when you smile or ponder the strange but real events.

Salman is a very clumsy guy, he can`t hold a job and afford rent. But when he comes to help his sister-in-law whose husband is away in the army he will have to deal with his problems, that now include her demonic children that will raise hell wherever they are. But the main thing is that he will get a job in his sister-in-law’s company giving out flyers in his blue suit. The suit is crucial, and you can`t help but laugh every time you see it. As always there are different stories that will intersect with the main subject, colorful characters and personalities. As I said before very relaxing and easygoing flick, enjoy.

Director: Scott Prendergast

Cast: Lisa Kudrow, Scott Prendergast, Christine Taylor, Conchata Ferrell, Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Fun Stuff: Characters “Cameron” and “Lincoln” are based on the Director’s real life nephews Wilson and Logan. The real boys appear alongside the child actors portraying them in the large birthday party scene.


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