Land of the Lost 2009 Movie Scene All kinds of famous landmarks half-buried and destroyed on a strange desert-like planet

Land of the Lost [2009]

The first thing I want to do here is to apologize. I want to apologize to the director Brad Sinerling and writers Chris Henchy, Dennis McNicholas, and Sid Krofft. And I want to also apologize to the cast of this movie starting with Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, Anna Friel, and all the others. I have made a terrible mistake and said that this movie is, to quote myself “a piece of shit”. And this could not be further from the truth. Land of the Lost is a hilarious, silly, and feel-good movie definitely worth watching. It’s bursting with positive energy and I guarantee that it’s going to leave you in a good mood.

How do I know this and why this sudden change of heart, you might be wondering. Well, I have watched this movie no less than twelve times in a span of ten days. What happened was that while I was on my once-a-year vacation, I was flipping through channels and stumbled upon the Land of the Lost. I was in a good mood so I decided to give it a chance. I was first amazed at just how good the production values were along with the cinematography and special effects. This was a big summer blockbuster, no doubt about it.

And then I laughed a bit. And then the next joke came along and I laughed a bit harder. By the time the story took us to this wild and amazing place, I was already trying not to choke myself with beer while belly-laughing. I didn’t take the movie seriously and had zero expectations. And this attitude brought me so much joy so I recommend you do the same. To make things even funnier, I did exactly the opposite when I first saw it. I complained about non-existing characters, lame jokes and everything else that I now found hilarious.

I mean, how could you not laugh at the dinosaurs’ urine joke? If you explain that to me, I will concede that this movie is not ten out of ten. Will Ferrell was excellent but Danny fucking McBride stole the show for me here. Their characters were very likable and charming. However, the thing that I loved the most about the movie Land of the Lost is this all-consuming sense of adventure. The movie has this sort of naive approach to storytelling but still packs a punch when it comes to jokes.

They’re creative and unusual for this type of mainstream comedy. Plus, you simply don’t know where this is going. And I’m not going to tell you. I’m going to leave you completely in the dark when it comes to the story. Just trust me on this one, The Land of the Lost is a good movie. It’s funny, visually appealing, and charming for all generations. This means you, your kids and your parents can watch it together and each of you will find something funny about it. It’s also pure unbridled escapism.

It’s going to transport you into its strange and vibrant world and make you forget everything that’s going on in the real world. And Satan forbid you would drink some beer and smokes some weed, the experience would be almost unbearable. Just to be perfectly clear, I was just a bit tipsy during those ten days. And to further elaborate on why I watched it more than twelve times, it’s because that television channel kept running it each day but in a slightly different time slot. So, there were four nighttime slots plus the reruns in the morning. Why did they decide to do this, I do not know, but I thank them for it.

Finally, you should know that Land of the Lost has this strange vibe about it intentionally. They’ve intentionally created these cheesy and over-the-top characters and situations in an effort to present the familiar story to the new generations. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that this is a remake of a very popular fifties television show. By now, I think that only a small percentage of people remember it. But I think that this movie will be remembered for all time as one of those feel-good and exciting adventure comedies.

The only other modern example would be the Jumanji movies, most notably Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji: The Next Level. And remember, the more you watch Land of the Lost, the funnier it gets. So, it’s a great idea to have a movie night with your friends or in the comfort of your own company, and play this movie three times in a row. Each time you’ll find new hilarious details and trust me, there are a lot of them. Just a thought.

Director: Brad Silberling

Writers: Chris Henchy, Dennis McNicholas, Sid Krofft

Cast: Will Ferrell, Anna Friel, Danny McBride, Jorma Taccone

Fun Facts: The road in the desert our heroes drive on to get to the Devil’s Canyon Mystery Cave theme park is the same road from the finale of the Se7en.


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