Although it did receive good reviews, I think that this movie is still pretty average, a definition of mixed feelings. One thing is certain however, this is not your usual pot movie. There will be no crude jokes or stereotypical stoner moments. Grass was used to highlight something more than grass itself here. It could be the high class to low class dynamic, with Edward being torn between the two or family / personality – heritage issues. Leaves of Grass is tenderly paced, never becoming too slow or too fast it actually takes this element out of the equation. It makes us concentrate on witty dialogue with discussions about various items but in a humorous and intelligent way. This sentence sounds exactly like something a stoner would say about this movie.

Identical twins (both played by Edward Norton) have taken different paths in life. One is an esteemed professor and the other one is a hillbilly pothead. When he gets into trouble with the local drug dealer he will have to get his brother to help him with the problem. The return to his hometown will bring back some memories and made him question his life choices. This movie borders with drama in some times, although the comedy element is present constantly it still has a lot of hard moral choices that characters have to make. Edward Norton was pretty good, and the rest of the cast too. And if you are wandering, yes she is a daughter of Danny De Vito. Enjoy…

Director: Tim Blake Nelson

Cast: Edward Norton, Lucy DeVito, Tim Blake Nelson, Susan Sarandon, Ty Burrell, Melanie Lynskey

Fun Stuff: Edward Norton was so desperate to star in this movie that he took a pay cut, stating in an interview that he “actually got paid half what I usually make”.


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