Mardi Gras Spring Break 2011 Movie Nicholas D'Agosto, Josh Gad and Bret Harrison checking in the hotel

Mardi Gras: Spring Break [2011]

I know, I know… As soon as you see the poster and the title Mardi Gras: Spring Break you can guess that it’s a dumb college comedy banking on nudity and a combination of the penis and fart jokes. Of course, with the addition of beautiful Carmen Electra to “spice” things up. And you are completely right, but sometimes you wanna see something dumb and filled with rip-offs from other movies. The production values are pretty good with a sleek and appealing visual style. Just a notch down from the so called big movies. This is a completely formulaic and predictable raunchy comedy with very familiar characters. We have a crazy fat guy, the good guy that you would marry, and the weird guy that is somehow lovable. Now imagine all this mashed up in Mardi Gras atmosphere and soaked in alcohol and nudity.

Actually, now that I think about it, there wasn’t enough nudity in this flick. However, after you’ve seen it you can say: I saw a couple of tits more in my life, so this movie isn’t a complete waste of time. Be warned that this is that type of comedy and time it carefully. It’s a good warm-up movie for something bigger and funnier. It’s also a good movie when you are too stoned or drunk to think of something better. Speaking of which, you can follow it up with movies like Sex Drive, Miss March, Hangover, Harold & Kumar and That’s My Boy. And if you’re craving some older action check out Eurotrip, Roadtrip, Van Vilder and American Pie. I think that’s enough Rabbit Reviews recommendations for now, so let’s get back to the movie.

The story is quite simple, three friends decide to go to Mardi Gras to see some boobs. Well, that’s about it, I won’t bother you with all the details about their personal journey and lessons. However, I will tell you that there is a hilarious excrement or shitting scene. After all, the most important question about a comedy is whether there’s a toilet scene. I think the entire movie is worth watching just for that one scene. Mardi Gras Spring Break is a simple movie that knows what it is. And it’s not ashamed of it. It has an easygoing atmosphere without any cringy scenes, something that’s always a plus with these movies. So, if you’re in the mood for some silly laughs check out it.

Finally, there are also a couple of nice little details that I would be remiss if I didn’t mention. Like the Bump’s hilarious t-shirt or Scottie’s costume, a little touches of grace if you might call them that. Which I’m pretty sure you can’t.

Director: Phil Dornfeld

Writer: Josh Heald

Cast: Nicholas D’Agosto, Josh Gad, Bret Harrison, Arielle Kebbel, Regina Hall, Carmen Electra

Fun Facts: Filmed in New Orleans, and whoever walked into the shot was filmed


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