With an imdb rating of 4.4 and 2000 votes, you would think that this is just another generic piece of shit. You would be wrong. I do not know what in the world possessed people to hate this movie, but it deserves at least a 5 or 6 (unless they were expecting a porno movie). The reason for such a low rating is this: most of the imdb users are male, this movie presented Martians as a planet where females call all the shots and males are marginalized, hence the anger and everything else. Now, back to the movie, the animation is almost photo-realistic, and when it comes to human characters, sometimes it is. You can totally recognize the main actors, and unlike in other computer animated movies in Mars Needs Moms they went in another direction and created realistic human characters, breaking the popular ye oldy cartoon style. The story is not too bad either, granted it is a bit childish and oversimplified, but then again what to expect from a cartoon.

Milo is an ordinary kid living with his mom and creating havoc wherever he goes (just like any other child). His mom is trying her best to discipline her kid and she is pretty good at her job. Meanwhile, on Mars there is a shortage of moms who know how to properly take care of their kids (insert random mafia joke) so they decide to kidnap Milo`s mom. During the momnaping, Milo somehow gets on board of a ship and ends up on Mars where women rule the planet with their dictator leader Supervisor monitoring everything. There he will meet Gribble, another human who apparently lived on Mars for a long time. Will Milo rescue his mom, and how the hell Gribble ended up on Mars is up to you to find out, enjoy…

Director: Simon Wells

Cast: Seth Green, Dan Fogler, Joan Cusack, Elisabeth Harnois, Mindy Sterling

Fun Facts: Seth Green spent six weeks outfitted in a special sensor-equipped performance-capture suit while also simultaneously performing his lines in the role of Milo. During the post-production process, filmmakers noticed that Green was able to physically embody a 9-year-old – imitating the movements and behaviors of a child – but his voice sounded too mature for the character. Therefore his voice was removed from the final print and replaced with that of 11-year-old actor Seth Robert Dusky.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1305591/

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