Mary and Max [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Mary and Max [2009]

First of all, this clay cartoon is not intended for children. mary_and_maxAlthough there are some really childish parts, most of it is very sad and serious, but still with some funny underlining. Adam Elliot seemingly effortlessly created a very engaging atmosphere, without emotional milking and self-deprecation. All the characters feel real and their struggles are put into perspective with a sheer scope of the movie. The shift in perspective is something that most of us need on a daily basis, to objectively assess the situation, your life and future. Human interactions, often negative and rare in this capitalistic grindfest, are finally highlighted and boiled down in a beautiful friendship between Mary and Max.

Max is an overweight middle aged man who suffers from Asperges Syndrome. He’s lonely and sad, but when he receives a letter from Australia his life will become a little better. The letter was from a little girl named Mary, who wanted to get in touch with someone from America and ask them where do babies come from. Although it seems benign, this movie deals with some serious issues like alcoholism, obesity, mental disorders, alienation, and all the other shit that we have to go through life. With very likable characters and a great and cute script this movie will capture your hart. Not to mention a lot of big names that have agreed to appear in this small, indie flick made with tremendous amounts of attention and care. It reminded me of Tim Burton a little, but there is a big difference between this style and his zany cartoons. Great movie, enjoy…

Director: Adam Elliot

Cast: Toni Collette, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Eric Bana, Barry Humphries, Bethany Whitmore, Renée Geyer

Fun Stuff: One Tomb Stone over from Ruby’s reads “R.I.P. Adam Elliot”, the writer/director of the film.


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