A movie about Internet pornography, count me in! And even better, it is a true story, at least to some extent… Despite the big “this is true” sticker at the beginning of the movie, at the closing credits they state that everything is a work of fiction, and the truth is somewhere between these two statements. Almost all of the scenes feel real and quite possible, so don’t let this spoil the fun. As for the nudity, it is present in decent amounts, still this is a movie about pornography and a tit or two are mandatory. The leads are phenomenal, especially Luke Wilson, whom to this day I still remember as that buck-teeth sheriff from X-Files, and a barrage of awesome supporting actors (Kelsey Grammer, John Ashton, James Caan ) fitted in nicely. Humor is quite clever, so don’t expect some in your face penis and fart jokes, but subtlety that life provides. I am really surprised that Middle Men is still quite an unknown movie, but I hope this will help.

Jack Harris has a couple of talents, one of them is managing and other negotiating, and with these qualities he is a welcomed asset wherever he goes. Still he lives a regular life with his wife and kids, and of course regular life means that you don’t have enough money, so he takes up his friends offer to come and work with him in a new night club. Soon he is able to breathe more easily, but still having money problems. Then, out of nowhere, he gets a call of his life. Two cokeheads have accidentally stumbled on to a revolutionary business that involves money, pornography, computers and Internet, and they were about to fuck it all up when Jack shows up to save the day and save them from Russian Mafia…

Director: George Gallo

Cast: Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi, Gabriel Macht, James Caan, Kevin Pollak, Kelsey Grammer, Rade Serbedzija

Fun Facts: Based on the true story of Christopher Mallick, one of the producers of the movie. He still owns an internet billing company.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1251757/

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