Steve Martin in a R rated movie, is it possible? Well, in this 2001 dark-noir comedy it is. Accompanied by excellent music by Danny Elfman, he managed to steer this movie into something that definitely deserves a viewing. If for nothing else, then for its originality and a pretty zany subject. It’s a rare thing to see some movie with dentists, although in 2000 came out The Whole Nine Yards, but there Bruce stole the show. Novocaine is truly a cinematic experiment that didn’t even try to define itself as something. It glided through several genres, never committing and this is why it didn’t get the critical praise. It’s ultimately doubly subversive and with it’s subject (dentistry) I dare say triply subversive.

Steve Martin plays a dentist, Frank Sangster, a tedious and quite boring persons in some ways, trapped in a practice that he does not really want. When a young and promiscuous patient (Helena Bonham Carter) comes into his life he suddenly sinks into whirlpool of problems and emotions that involves murder and drugs. A very unique approach of this movie to an already well familiar subject is something that I found very interesting and amusing. Steve was quite perfect for this role, and he did not goof around. Yet, he still produced enough comic element. Helena Bonham Carter was also very good (and naked a lot of the time), playing a junkie trying to get her life together and get rid of the bad influences in it. This is something in-common that she has with our main character Frank. I also loved Kevin Bacon in his short, but very funny role as a pretentious actor. For a novice director this movie is a huge success, and it managed to survive the test of time, so check it out…

Director: David Atkins

Cast: Steve Martin, Laura Dern, Helena Bonham Carter, Elias Koteas, Keith David, Kevin Bacon, Scott Caan

Fun Facts: Steve Martin and Scott Caan did not get along during filming due to Caan’s reckless behavior toward a stunt person in a scene in which his character smashes a beer bottle over the head of a man in a bar.


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