After a couple of beers I decided to check out this new comedy, expecting Paul Rudd to be an incredibly annoying hippy that you wanna punch in the face repeatedly, possibly with an acoustic guitar. And whats up with him anyways, did you know that he is 42 years old, and he looks like he’s 22, we should ask this guy for some tips on staying young. So, I was prepared for the worst possible scenario and actually it did happen, but I must admit that it wasn’t so bad. Yeah, he is a slacker who acts like he is 15 years old, and how can he afford all the crap is a mystery (perhaps family helps him), but you can actually understand his reasoning. Also the fact that he has five hot sisters also helps with the viewing experience (with no nudity unfortunately). I think that we all know at least one person that acts like this and it is funny to see it on the big screen, but in the end movie wasn’t preachy, saying that we all should be open and naive, it just told a story of a brother, who is an idiot, and ours.

Ned was living a comfortable life growing organic food and smoking weed at his farm, but one day he was tricked to sell some weed to an uniformed officer (I know, he’s an idiot). This earned him a one-way trip to jail (such a cliche) and after his release he finds that much has changed. His girlfriend dumped him for another guy, took his dog and kicked him out of his farm. With no money or other friends he is forced to return home to his mom and five independent sisters living their mundane lives. As you probably guessed they all have something to learn from Ned…

Director: Jesse Peretz

Cast: Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Steve Coogan, Shirley Knight, Kelly Briter

Fun Facts: Elizabeth Banks and Paul Rudd, who play siblings in this movie, played a couple in Role Models.


IMDb Link: 

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