Saved is a comedy about religion and teens, and when I first saw this movie I thought that this premise could not be turned into something worth watching, but surprisingly Saved is quite watchable. This is not an average atheist flick, as it only mildly criticizes religion, but it’s more of a study of characters and religion as a tool in their lives. It’s all pretty innocent and funny, but there are some interesting points. Concentrating on the gay issue as well as the acceptance among your peers Saved! shows us that we are all basically the same. Cast is relatively good, it is interesting to see Macaulay Culkin in a wheelchair and Eva Amurri Martino has a nice body, with average acting skills evenly distributed among others. Although the target group for this movie is about 16 years old, older and younger people might find it interesting as a light comedy with a somewhat controversial subject.

Mary is a  lucky devout christian girl because she has a devout christian boyfriend Dean. They are attending their Christian school and socializing with their christian friends (I guess this is hell). But her perfect world will be rocked when she finds out that her boyfriend might be gay. She hopes that sex will cure that, so she sleeps with him to convert him back to girls. But her plans will be spoiled by his parents as they ship him to a gay correctional facility upon finding one of his gay magazines. This is about the time when Mary finds out that she is pregnant, and this time she is sure it wasn’t immaculate conception. This will change everything, including her relationship with friends and everybody else…

Director: Brian Dannelly

Cast: Jena Malone, Mandy Moore, Macaulay Culkin, Patrick Fugit, Heather Matarazzo, Eva Amurri Martino

Fun Facts: The woman who coached Mandy Moore and Eva Amurri Martino on speaking in tongues gave them several phrases that they could repeat, including “she bought a Hyundai” and “untie my bow tie.”


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