See No Evil, Hear No Evil and the title says it all, in this crazy and hilarious comedy. Possibly one of the best comedies of the eighties, this movie features Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder doing what they do best. Although at first glance it may seem that this is just a comedy without brains, there is an underlying story about overcoming obstacles and dealing with disabilities. Perhaps one of the first movies to shed some light on this subject in the world of comedy and many more followed. Introducing such a strange concept that all people are equal, and should be treated as equals even if they are blind or deaf. Foulmouthed Pryor and confused Wilder make one hell of the couple, not to mention young Kevin Spacey and super-sexy Joan Severance. When you have this type of setup (blind, deaf) you can really go wild with the jokes, and some of the scenes explain the meaning of the acronym lol.

Dave Lyons owns a shop in a mall where he sells newspapers and other stuff, oh yeah, and he’s deaf. Ashamed of  his deafness he tries to pretend that he can hear everything and everyone, and when blind Wally Karue, who answered his job ad, shows up, the two of them become inseparable friends. Although they are blind and deaf, together they are complete and this will come in handy when they are accused of murder. Now they must figure out how to prove that they are innocent and get the real criminals, which is going to be much harder then they imagined…

Director: Arthur Hiller

Cast: Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, Joan Severance, Kevin Spacey, Anthony Zerbe, Hardy Rawls

Fun Facts: Gene Wilder went to the NY League for the Hard of Hearing to study for his role, and he was assigned to his future wife, Karen Boyer.


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