Sex Tape 2014 Movie Scene Cameron Diaz as Annie and Jason Segel as Jay in their underwear about to make a home porno movie

Sex Tape [2014]

What’s with all the hate guys? Yes, Sex Tape may be a dumb comedy with a lot of Apple product placement but at least it’s raunchy and entertaining. Moreover, how can you hate a movie featuring Slayer? Well, I guess times have changed. So, we will be following a married couple trying to defuse the mess they made with their sex tape. And to continue in that direction, I found the main story to be oddly liberating. We need to talk about these things and if that talk comes in a form of a dumb comedy then so be it.

Sex Tape is like a raunchier version of How I Met Your Mother combined with The Hangover/Horrible Bosses/Eighties Comedies. This was their intention, however, it feels more like a sitcom episode gone wrong. Crude humor and Cameron Diaz being half-nude most of the time do make that unnecessary Apple product placement a little less annoying. Just a little because every time I saw one of their products I felt so sleazy and bad. 

Featuring fast pacing and a short running time, Sex Tape is a perfect warm-up movie. As with all sex comedies, it’s easy to watch and you can play it any time. Just lower your expectations and you should be fine. I love movies like this, they just relax me so much. Perhaps this is exactly because I don’t have any expectations. They just flow off the screen and I can make myself a sandwich or go to the bathroom without hitting the pause button.

Annie and Jay have been married with kids for some time now. As usually happens their vibrant sex life soon became boring so decided to spice it up by making a sex tape. And after a couple of awkward moments, they really got in the mood. However, what happened next turned their lives into a living nightmare… A nightmare they must scramble to fix.

Sex Tape could’ve been a great movie if they were only willing to go the distance. To go all-in and make something provocative and progressive. However, they tried to balance all the raunchy stuff with a classical, commercial approach. And I guess they’ve created a movie that both groups of viewers don’t particularly like. Those who were expecting an almost soft-core porn movie will be as disappointed as those who were expecting a regular comedy without the crass humor.

So, it’s up to you to do some balancing with a couple of beers and a couple of joints. And you can follow it up with Zack and Miri Make a Porno, a much better movie with a similar theme. Of course, for all you Cameron Diaz fans, there’s always the nineties classic There’s Something About Mary.

Director: Jake Kasdan

Writer: Kate Angelo, Jason Segel, Nicholas Stoller, Kate Angelo

Cast: Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Rob Lowe, Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper, Krisztina Koltai, Nat Faxon

Fun Facts: She’s No Angel: Cameron Diaz is a steamy thirty minute video Diaz shot during the nineties. It’s not a porn video or a sex tape but a video documenting a photo shoot.


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