The Good Dinosaur 2015 Movie Arlo and Spot growling at a band of dangerous dinosaurs

The Good Dinosaur [2015]

The Good Dinosaur is the latest computer-animated (like there are a lot of hand-drawn cartoons nowadays) movie, produced by Pixar and released by Disney. This isn’t one of those groundbreaking cartoons with an awesome script and all that other shit. Think of it as a Pixar-lite cartoon, good enough for one or two viewings and no mo (when she ain’t yo hoe no mo). Yeah, the story is original and refreshing but still tied down with the same concepts of parenthood, growing up, and all the usual suspects. I guess I’m being a bit hard because this is a good kiddie flick, but when I remember The Land Before Time, they somehow differ too much. Maybe that’s just me…

I loved the visual style of The Good Dinosaur with the photo-realistic environment (mountains, woods, crops…) and stylized characters, I mean, Dinosaurs. Using bright and vivid colors to bring the prehistoric scenery to life, The Good Dinosaur has one of the best CGI environments I have ever seen. Although there are so many cute little animals here that it’s a shame that some of them were not a bigger part of the story. They are a constant source of laughter and those aww moments.

Welcome to the world of tomorrow (why do you always have to say it that way)! In this alternate future, the asteroid that killed all those poor dinosaurs missed the earth and they just continued evolving. Some of them took up farming, like Henry and Ida who decided to settle down and start a farm. Soon they were a full-blown family with three little dinos. While Libby and Buck found it pretty easy to adjust to the farmer’s life, little Arlo is a bit confused…

One of the things I often miss when reviewing these types of movies is how they look and feel to someone who’s just a kid. I look at them from a perspective of a grown-ass man without children and with a pretty different system of values and beliefs than most people. To me, they are just another form of entertainment with nice, heartwarming stories and characters. Nothing earth-shattering is going to happen after I’ve seen them. However, to some kids, this might be THAT movie. That movie that changes them for the better, so take this into consideration.

If you’re looking for that buffer, Sunday, chill, and finally easygoing movie, The Good Dinosaur is a good choice. It’s not the best Pixar movie (might be the worst), but at least it flows nicely and lets you chill out (maybe ponder about what it would be like if dinosaurs were to suddenly reappear).

Director: Peter Sohn

Writer: Peter Sohn, Erik Benson, Meg LeFauve, Kelsey Mann, Bob Peterson

Cast: Jeffrey Wright, Frances McDormand, Maleah Nipay-Padilla, Ryan Teeple, Jack McGraw, Marcus Scribner, Raymond Ochoa

Fun Facts: This film marks the first time Pixar has released two films in one year, following the release of Inside Out (2015) in June 2015.


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