The Maiden Heist [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

The Maiden Heist [2009]

The Maiden Heist is a great movie with an interesting and above all, original story. Three elderly security guards in a museum have their the maiden heistfavorite paintings that they got so attached to that they cannot imagine life without them. When the museum decides to move the exhibit to Denmark they must take things into their own hands and do whatever it takes to stay with the pictures. This means plans, forgeries and many more antics that you will have to discover for yourselves.

Combining the classical heist plot with some unusual perpetrators this movie is very down to earth and yet still a bit abstract. Sure, we could break the appeal of this movie down into the individual elements like mundane jobs, things that you do on those jobs, obsession and finally the glorious sense of injustice (I shall answer injustice with justice, all they need now are dragons), but there are so many of those elements present that it’s a pointless task. Great picks for the lead roles marked the troubled production and release of the flick, after the production company went bankrupt. It’s an easygoing and a feel-good comedy that’s missing maybe a bit more of the comedy influence. Oh yeah, I did not know that William H. Macy looks that good, he seems to be working out a lot. Enjoy…

Director: Peter Hewitt

Cast: Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, Marcia Gay Harden, William H. Macy, Wynn Everett, Sophya Gudelman

Fun Stuff: The ladies playing the museum visitors were not told that Christopher Walken was going to interrupt the docent’s explanation of “The Lonely Maiden”. Therefore, their reactions to Roger’s expertise were genuine.


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