The Maiden Heist 2009 Movie Scene Christopher Walken as Roger, Morgan Freeman as Charles and William H. Macy as George arguing about the heist

The Maiden Heist [2009]

Movies about older people or seniors doing stuff you wouldn’t expect them to be doing are always fun. The Maiden Heist is a lighthearted crime comedy following three elderly security guards who decide to steal some paintings. It feels like a nineties television movie with forgotten stars of the seventies starring. However, this doesn’t mean anything bad, on the contrary, when you’ve got such a cool cast, your movie can only get better. And with Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and motherfucking William H. Macy this one is a hoot.

Their characters were well-written and you instantly had this connection with them. I think we could all relate to them and their issues. And desires, if I might add. I loved this aspect of the movie. We’re not talking about some rich globe-trotting assholes but a bunch of working-class individuals. And since they’re not professional thieves this means that we better get ready for some funny scenes during the heist. Moreover, the entire movie has a positive atmosphere. You just know that nothing bad is going to happen, there will no murders or anything so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Most of The Maiden Heist takes place in a museum, giving it a very classy atmosphere. In case you’re wondering, the museum in question is Worcester Art Museum, located in Massachusetts. And the painting The Lonely Maiden was actually created just for this movie by the famous American realist Jeremy Lipking. When it comes to the production values, they’re quite good. I won’t bother with reasons why this movie didn’t get the attention it deserves. Let’s just say that there were some bankruptcy issues and leave it at that.

Roger Barlow has worked at the local museum as a security guard for most of his life. During that time he fell in love with a certain painting, The Lonely Maiden. He spent countless years looking at her and admiring her beauty. Now, as he’s getting closer and closer to retirement, Roger is beginning to realize he will have to say goodbye to his favorite piece of art. So, he decides to do something about it.

With a running time of just ninety minutes, The Maiden Heist is a short and sweet affair. Yes, it is a bit predictable but what did you expect from a movie like this? So, just time it right and play it when you want to watch something charming and unobtrusive. I don’t know why I kept thinking of another cute comedy, The Full Monty, while I was watching this movie. Perhaps it was William H. Macy’s perfectly sculpted body that got me? Finally, if you’re looking for something heavier and more intense, you can always check out Rabbit Reviews selection of heist movies worth watching.

Director: Peter Hewitt

Writer: Michael LeSieur

Cast: Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, Marcia Gay Harden, William H. Macy, Wynn Everett, Sophya Gudelman

Fun Stuff: During the lecture in the museum, the actors playing the visitors didn’t know Walken is going to interrupt the curator and show such exquisite knowledge about the painting.


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