The Package 2018 Movie Scene Geraldine Viswanathan as Becky, Sadie Calvano as Sarah and Luke Spencer Roberts as Donnie screaming upon seeing Daniel Doheny as Sean doing something

The Package [2018]

The moment I saw American Pie, I fell in love with this genre of edgy sex comedies. I usually watch all of them as soon as they come out but I somehow missed The Package. I really don’t know why but this is one of the reasons why Rabbit Reviews is here, to recommend great movies you might have missed. And judging but the lack of attention this movie got it really needs recommending.

The first few minutes of The Package will remove any doubts you have about this movie. The script is excellent, jokes intelligent and yet hard-hitting with perfect delivery. Our young cast did an amazing job. Eduardo Franco and Geraldine Viswanathan stole the show here with their natural and pitch-perfect performances. You can catch Eduardo in another, very similar teen comedy The Binge and Geraldine stars alongside Daniel Radcliffe in a hilarious and creative tv show Miracle Workers.

And while The Package is definitely one of those movies you’ll watch only once, that one time will be really fun. The plot is so silly and bizarre that it will be hard to forget. I will try to reveal as little as possible about it as the movie works best when you know nothing about it. We will follow a group of teenagers on their way to an ill-fated camping trip that’s progressively going to get weirder and weirder. All it was missing was one good shitting scene. However, there are enough dick jokes here to make up for that. And then some.

Sean just got back from Germany and is anxious to meet up with his best friends Donnie and Jeremy. The three of them are looking forward to a camping trip full of beer, weed, and bonding. However, just as they’re about to leave, two girls join them for what’s about to become the craziest adventure of their young lives.

The characters here are very well written and immediately you form this bond with them. You will be cheering them on and hoping they make it out of this insane trip alive. There were a couple of over-the-top moments but they fit in quite well with this overall silly vibe The Package has. It reminded me of another classic teen comedy, EuroTrip. Considering the fact this is a Netflix production, I was not expecting it to be this creative and well put together. We will get not only a lot of well-written jokes but also decent amounts of hilarious slapstick extravaganza.

I went through several stages of my life with these movies. First I was watching them and hoping that someday I might partake in similar activities. When that finally started happening, I felt like I’m part of this cool, edgy gang, living life to the fullest. As I got older and started having less and less of these adventures, I loved watching them and getting fucked up at home, living vicariously through them.

Things haven’t changed much since then minus the fucking up part. So now these movies remind me of that feeling of being alive and full of energy. And the good times. The moment I heard the beats of Amadou & Mariam feat. Santigold Dougou Badia, I wanted to run out and party somewhere. While watching the movie at the same time of course. The circle of life, my friends the circle of fucking life. And don’t worry, I’m still hanging in there, biding my time.

Finally, I just have to say that I loved the cast so much that I would love to see The Package 2. After all, they’ve made sequels to much worse movies, and since Netflix is greenlighting everything these days, why the fuck not greenlight this motherfucker. I can already think of a thousand ways the story could go…

Director: Jake Szymanski

Writers: Kevin Burrows, Matt Mider

Cast: Daniel Doheny, Geraldine Viswanathan, Sadie Calvano, Luke Spencer Roberts, Eduardo Franco

Fun Facts: The original title for the movie was Eggplant Emoji.


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