If you have not seen Peter Sellers yet this is your chance. He stars in this sixties craze flick and he has done it so masterfully that it is funny even today. Rowan Atkinson and his character Mr. Bean is the closest example of the type of humor that you can expect in this movie. The Party uses the old oddball trick as it places an Indian actor into an environment that he has never seen before, but likes. His inability to engage in designated activities could be viewed as disruptive but also as a supporting structure as it clearly defines the norms. But let’s leave philosophy out of this one and just enjoy in the bravery and skill of these film-makers.

Hrundi V. Bakshi is a clumsy actor that spreads mayhem everywhere he goes, from movie sets to parties. He has been accidentally invited to an exclusive party and you can be sure that he will get into a lot of trouble. So you have a lot of gags and situational humor, and that is very hard to keep interesting over time, so you might find that The Party has its ups and downs. Amusing or not, during the bathroom scene I literally fell of the couch and could not breathe with laughter (yes I was under the influence, but that is irrelevant :D). Anyways, check it out, at least for the insight in sixties comedies.

Director: Blake Edwards

Cast: Peter Sellers, Claudine Longet, Natalia Borisova, Jean Carson, Marge Champion, Al Checco

Fun Stuff: This film was improvised from a 56-page outline. Each scene was shot in sequence, and built upon the previous scene. To aid in this experiment, the film’s producers had a video-camera tube attached to the Panavision camera and connected to an Ampex studio videotape machine, allowing the actors and crew to review what they had just filmed.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063415/

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