Christmas is just around the corner and Robot Santa Claus is anxiously waiting, so you better lock up with some good, old movies and The Ref is a perfect choice. I usually really hate these movies, but when I saw that Denis Leary is in this one, I had to check it out. Fucking Kevin Spacey in a lead role, how I could’ve missed that too! Anywhoo, enough with my shit, let’s talk about the movie.

The Ref is a Christmas-themed black comedy with great actors and an interesting story. It’s certainly better than the rest of the crappy holiday movies. It’s intelligently written, witty and amusing while at the same time dealing with some serious subjects like a failed marriage, burglary, life of crime… And the acting, well, by now you know that Kevin was magnificent with a standard grizzled performance by Leary, the acting was superb, especially since it required some skill to portray such complex scenes and characters…

It’s Christmas Eve, traditionally a good time for burglars and Gus knows this. He decides to rob a house, and almost fails after being bitten by a dog and falling through the floor. Injured and on the run he stops a car with Caroline and Lloyd Chasseur. This is the decision that he will come to regret. Lloyd is terribly depressed and unhappy with his life and marriage and Caroline is also having a major life crisis. The three of them are headed for the Chasseur residence for Christmas dinner…

Ahead of its time The Ref is a pretty straight-forward comedy that doesn’t skimp on the offensive jokes, but 1994 was a long time ago, so now they just sound normal. Another thing that I enjoyed about this movie is the bickering that’s going on between Lloyd and Caroline, an opportunity to say: hey they are just like…

Overall this is a fun movie for holidays, that can be watched with family and friends and is certainly better than the crap that’s going to be on television (if you already have to watch something christmissy, it’s better to watch something good and funny).

Director: Ted Demme

Writer:  Marie Weiss, Richard LaGravenese

Cast: Denis Leary, Judy Davis, Kevin Spacey, Robert J. Steinmiller Jr., Glynis Johns, Raymond J. Barry

Fun Facts: Denis Leary only fires his gun once in the entire film. It was fired at the smoke detector to stop it from beeping.


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