Un Crime Au Paradis 2001 Movie Scene Jacques Villeret as Jojo Braconnier and Josiane Balasko as Lulu Braconnier arguing during dinner

Un Crime au Paradis [2001]

Over the years we have seen countless comedies dealing with marriage issues. And Un Crime Au Paradis is one of the better ones. The authentic setting and willingness to go to places where mainstream won’t even loot at make it worth watching. It’s actually a remake of a French cult classic La Poison [1951]. It follows the Braconnier family and all the mishaps that married life brings. Taking place in a small village in France during the eighties, it feels like a whole world apart. However, you feel the honesty and reality of the situation.

As its title suggests, Un Crime au Paradis will get increasingly intense. And increasingly funnier, in turn. And while I have to admit it does feel a bit like it’s made for internal, French use, you can still enjoy it. Actually, that gives it a special taste. I also loved the portrayal of the rural lifestyle that’s so freaking unbelievably slow! Especially when you compare it to our not only digital but also city lives. The same goes for the pacing of the movie, so don’t be expecting some snappy comedy but a slice of edgy rural life. A life that doesn’t look so idyllic but raw and uncompromising. And as you might have guessed character development is just fucking perfect.

Jojo Braconnier is a farmer living a simple life fucked by only one thing: his nagging, alcoholic bitch of a wife. She makes his life living hell and Jojo is constantly depressed while battling Lulu, who he married more out of convenience rather than love. However, there’s a simple solution to his problem…

Starring Jacques Villeret (Le Dîner De Cons) and Josiane Balasko, Un Crime au Paradis is perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons. You know the ones where you’re still trying to sober up and realize that noon a couple of hours ago. Jacques is funny even if he doesn’t say a thing and when you add to that good script and intriguing plot you get a genuine French comedy. The focus is on the ordinary people who don’t have some luxurious job or fate. Their constant bickering and all the pettiness you’re about to witness may even prompt you to nudge your partner and point to the screen.

Finally, if you’re looking for more great French comedies check out: Les Anges Gardiens and Les Visiteurs. Enjoy.

Director: Jean Becker

Writer: Jean Becker, Sacha Guitry, Sébastien Japrisot

Cast: Jacques Villeret, Josiane Balasko, André Dussollier, Suzanne Flon, Jean Dell

Fun Facts: Budget $11,880,000


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0245530/

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