Wild Hogs [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

Wild Hogs [2007]

I started this review a couple of times, deleting generic sentences and trying to come up with something creative and worth reading. However, I believe I have come under the influence of this commercial, mainstream milker. Wild Hogs is like that guy that has an entire suit made out of the same material and not just the suit. Even his personality is made out of the same material and you can’t help but take a peak and smile, overwhelmed by the effort and the fact that the guy is pulling it off. Something similar happened here. Walt Becker made a movie about weekend warriors, guys who are going through mid-life crisis and coming to terms with it riding motorcycles during the weekends. They are not members of any gang, just fascinated by the open road and freedom that comes with that lifestyle. On the other hand, they all have families, jobs and other shit that “prevents” them from acting out these fantasies. Those quotation marks are there because you can’t be sure whether they think they would pull off such a lifestyle but they are choosing their stable life because of love, children and other crap or they know they wouldn’t be able to live that life. Fun stuff.

Wild Hogs [2007] Movie Review Recommendation PosterDoug, Woody, Bobby and Dudley Frank are four friends living boring lives in a quiet Cincinnati suburb. They all have different jobs and different takes on things, but they are basically the same Average Joe, Middle Class guy. Breaking their routine by riding motorcycles during the weekends seems to be helping them a lot with those boring lives. They even have their own gang called Wild Hogs. One day, after his wife leaves him, one them suggests a road trip adventure and this is the event that will change their lives forever.

As you probably gathered, this is basically a road trip movie with a lot additional gimmicks. The cast is perfect, with a lot of familiar and lovable faces that could do wonders with even shittier scripts. You simply know that the set was a really fun and entertaining place and this is crucial if you want to have that nice, easygoing vibe present in the movie. A movie that you can watch with you father, grandfather, kid or anyone else, an all-around effort that’s nicely packaged and shiny. Funny and entertaining, Wild Hogs is one of those Sunday or hangover movies, where you just want something going on with a bit humor on the side. Speaking of humor, I have to admit that I laughed quite hard while watching it, I don’t know if this was just the mood (weed) I was in or something else, but I somehow managed to enjoy this commercial crap.

Director: Walt Becker

Cast: Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy, Ray Liotta, Marisa Tomei

Fun Stuff: A sequel was planned but scrapped due to the critical and commercial failure of Old Dogs


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0486946/

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