You Kill Me [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

You Kill Me [2007]

Directed by John Dahl (Red Rock West, Rounders, Joy Ride), You Kill Me is a black humor comedy with a wobbly script and excellent actors. Taking one simple premise of an alcoholic hitman should be the beginning of the writing process, not all of it. Not to mention the fact that there have been so many comedies about gangsters that the whole subject seems boring. So the script is a bit flimsy, but at least there are inappropriate jokes and enough strange situations to make this movie entertaining enough. Easygoing and funny, this is a perfect movie for one of those nights you just want to relax and have few giggles. I wanted to write heartwarming, but with him being a hitman and everything, it seems kind of douchy.

Ben Kingsley is Frank Falenczyk, an alcoholic who happens you_kill_meto be a hitman. He tries to go to AA meetings, to stop drinking but he just can’t do it. After fucking up his hit, he is sent to West Coast to chill for a while, where he meets a woman, who will show him the right way, or was it the other way around. Now with a straight head and a gun he is going back to the Buffalo to finish the job. I liked the dark humor and the whole killing people is a job like any other vibe that this movie is putting out, it is really refreshing in today’s world of family fun comedies and other shit. Ben was just amazing in his role, I do not know of movie that he fucked up from Gandhi up to Transsiberian (shhhhh nobody mention The Love Guru). Enjoy…

Director: John Dahl

Cast: Ben Kingsley, Téa Leoni, Luke Wilson, Dennis Farina, Philip Baker Hall, Bill Pullman

Fun Facts: Shot in 26 days.


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