Movies that are dealing with religious subjects are very hard to make. Perfect example is The Passion of the Christ, shrouded in controversy. Agora also belongs to this category, presenting historical events and religious prosecution in all its grittiness. Hate, love, doubt, and blind belief, present even today, are portrayed in a masterful way, and you can see the movie several times, each time discovering something new.

The story is set in Egypt, ruled by Rome, it is the center of the conflict between different religions.  It is the year of our lord Ra 391 and the world is becoming a place of human enlightenment. And as always the new religion tries to destroy everything that is related to the previous one, no matter what are the consequences. Lives, work, books and scientific conclusions of members of the opposite faith are to be destroyed and forgotten, no matter how true they are. Beautifully shot, with great wide angles and intense sets this movie is perfect in almost any way. With its profound attitude it uses art to tell its story. I’m guessing that it will not be received well by general population, but I hope that the enlightened few will check it out. This became obvious as they tried to secure distribution deals and were rejected on multiple platforms. Guess that after all those centuries, nothing has changed…

Director: Alejandro Amenábar

Cast: Rachel Weisz, Max Minghella, Oscar Isaac, Rupert Evans, Sami Samir, Harry Borg

Fun Stuff: There were days when shooting had to delay for a few seconds. This was because of the nearby churches of Kalkara, Vittoriosa amongst others which had their bells activated at mid-noon. The bells could be heard from the sets of Ricasoli.


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