Crash [2004] Movie Review Recommendation

Crash [2004]

Another movie with the same name, crash I guess they run out of imagination on this one. I am referring to Cronenberg’s Crash from 1996, one of my all-time favorites. This movie has nothing to do with that one, it’s a very emotional and touching story about how people are detached not only from the society, but from themselves too. And how the slightest decisions that you make can make a great impact on your life. Director Paul Haggis decided to examine racial and social tensions in America, using a car crash as a focal point. I don’t know why, but I immediately remembered poor Stephen Rea in another movie about car crashes, Stuck.

Stories of very different people who all live in L.A. and their lives, prompted me to think that this would be a boring and without a point story, but I was wrong. It’s an excellent character study that bares all the problems in America today. Crash pulls you in silently and before you know it, you start to care about the characters and their problems. Maybe you will even recognize yourself in someone. Authentic and all too real, Crash will be one those movies that will stay with you. You will remember it periodically, especially when you witness some of the incidents depicted in the movie. Usually movies like this use a buffer of social tricks or just use ideology and religion as a shield. They want to protect the viewer from the truth. Here, the opposite happened, truth is laid bare for everyone to see. It’s an ugly sight, but we have to look the truth in the eyes if we ever want to get out of this crappy society.

Director: Paul Haggis

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Sean Cory Cooper, Tony Danza, Matt Dillon, William Fichtner, Jennifer Esposito

Fun Facts: Make-up artists aged Shaun Toub by about 15 years.


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