I think this is one of the few Argentinian movies that I have seen, and this one is definitely the best. Although it uses the same premise as any other detective/killer movie, El Secreto de sus Ojos has a soul of its own, and that special vibe that you cannot find in American movies. The sets, clothes and everything else was top notch just like in some big budget Hollywood flick, acting was pretty good, maybe at times a bit stiff, but that just represents different mentality of the people. Based on a novel, it takes us on an emotional journey that will make you watch blankly at the rolling credits. Beautiful cinematography and surprisingly well directed action (there’s not a lot of it) should not be surprising if you are familiar with Campanella’s work.

After his retirement Benjamín Esposito decided to write a book about the case that has been with him for 25 years. A murder and rape of a beautiful young women. Director decided to mix the current events with Esposito’s memories of the case, and this nonlinear storytelling proved to be the right choice. I especially liked the assistant of Esposito, Pablo Sandoval, an alcoholic with a great sense of humor. Through the movie, Esposito also ponders about his life and the women that he worked with and had a crush on. This movie is truly refreshing take on a same subject that we see in mainstream cinema, so check it out. Enjoy.

Director: Juan José Campanella

Cast: Ricardo Darín, Soledad Villamil, Pablo Rago, Javier Godino, Guillermo Francella, Carla Quevedo

Fun Stuff: Pablo Rago, who plays Ricardo Morales, is the only Argentinian actor who work in the two Argentinian Oscar winner movies: La Historia Oficial (1985) y El Secreto de sus ojos (2009)


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1305806/

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